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Ascended Path

Welcome to the Ascended Path.  We like to say that if you’re on the right path, then the destination doesn’t matter.   When you know that you’re on the right path, then you can stay in the present moment and truly enjoy the journey. Here within the Ascended Path family, we strive to deliver higher level consciousnesses to the world through community, books, workshops, and online content. Thank you for joining us on this path through the journey we call life.

Body Of Light

In the Body of Light retreats, workshops, and meditations you will learn how to become your own Guru. There is so much information and knowledge out there that it is becoming imperative that we wake up our own intuitive selves to guide us in our daily lives.

Straight To Source

Here you will find channelings straight from Source on a variety of topics including consciousness, spirituality, and current events. When you listen you will notice that they are empowering, as the intention is always set to connect you with your own greater knowing.

My Meditation Shop

Here you will find high-quality products that have been created or approved by our team, that will support you in creating a conscious union to your own essence. There is something for everyone whether you are new or a seasoned practitioner to meditation.

Spirit Talks

Spirit Talks is a collection of individuals that have come together to uplift humanity through a network of communities, video interviews, and live events. At the core, we are all humans that are connected through one universal and spiritual consciousness.

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